Gain ad visibility with truckside ads

Are Your Ads Visible?

Ad visibility is one of the most critical elements in any advertising campaign.

But what is ad visibility and why does it matter?

Ad visibility is the number of times per day that the ad is seen.

Return on that visibility is the number of times that the ad is seen by the target audience, with the desired action taken in response to the ad.

First we need to determine the ad visibility, then we can calculate the return on that visibility. In order to determine ad visibility, and by extension, the cost per impression and return on the visibility we need to first know the cost of the ad.  Next is the number of people who will see the ad and the number of times that they will see it. Cost per impression can then be calculated.  This is done by taking the cost of the ad and dividing it by the number of views.

Cost per impression is one of the factors that any advertiser uses when deciding where to place their ads.  It does not matter if this ad is going into a magazine, on radio or TV, or even digital.  It also applies to billboard advertising and mobile billboard or truckside advertising.

Next we will determine the return on the ad visibility.  In order to do this, the ad needs to have a call to action or some clear instruction for the viewer as to what they should do next.  We can then look at the response to the desired action and use that number to divide the cost of the ad. This is the return on visibility.

A good next step is to compare the cost per impression with the return on visibility.  This can give the advertiser a good measure of the effectiveness of the ad in relation to the cost.

Ad Visibility is a critical ad placement factor and when used properly can lead to increased return on investment in the ads placed.