Ad Infinitum Media

Ad Infinitum Media is affiliated with Ad Infinitum and The Calendar Warehouse.

We help you stay Visible, Focused and Effective

About Ad Infinitum Media:

  • Ad Infinitum Media places our client’s marketing and advertising messages as wraps on trucks
  • We work with Advertisers to create an interactive mobile experience that will drive brand recognition and engagement with their target audience
  • We ensure that all vehicles are adequately insured and are cleaned on a regular basis

How it benefits you:

  • TARGETED marketing and rolling billboard advertising in your specific target area
  • Well maintained, professional looking vehicles
  • You get the benefits without the hassles
  • Additionally, vehicles can be equipped with GPS tracking devices that allow an advertiser to maintain real-time tracking of their rolling ads
  • We do all of the reporting to advertisers and truckers

To learn more about how we can streamline your truckside advertsing call 212-812-1438 or email us now