Truck Ads Engage the Public with Your Brand

Truck ads are your opportunity to interact with your target audience.  By integrating an interactive component your customers can:

  • find your products to purchase nearby
  • get more information
  • connect with you

Take advantage of the fact that your ad is at eye-level and create an interactive mobile experience. The options for interacting with your target audience are many.

Your truck ads can include the ability to land your target audience on a landing page, a newsletter sign-up form, or a host of other options all meant to engage your customers.

Customers can also land on a page that will enable them to find the product nearby.

You can also integrate your ad with a social media campaign or contest created by our team.  This campaign can also be promoted to the appropriate media outlets when suitable.

Truck ads are more than just the wrap on the sides of the truck.  It is an opportunity for you to interact with your customers and engage them so that they feel a connection to you and your product.

This feeling will promote brand advocacy on the part of your customers helping to spread the word.

To create your truck ads and begin interacting with your customers call us now at 212-812-1438 or email