Truck Advertising for Truck or Fleet Owners

Truck advertising makes you moneyTruck advertising could be just what you need, if:

  • You own a truck or fleet of trucks.
  • You like extra income.

Put the sides of your trucks to work.

The ads go on the trucks, and the checks come in the mail.

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How it works:

  1. Tell us about your trucks and your routes.
  2. We match your routes with our advertisers.
  3. We get your truck wrapped with the ad and install the GPS tracking at no cost to you.
  4. You get paid monthly  for the sides of your trucks.

Earn now with truck advertising


Your trucks are valuable real estate. Leave it to the experts to handle the advertisers, ads and details. Relax and earn extra cash while you remain free to run your primary business.

Call to get started using your vehicles for truck advertising or read more about the nitty gritty.